The Team

The field work will be held by two members of the Research School of Earth Sciences from the Australian National University. Their experience of the Antarctica field and extreme conditions work will be their plus. In the office, they are used to process geodetic data and focus their work on Antarctica mass balance estimates.

Lydie Lescarmontier - Postdoctoral research Fellow

Lydie's first contact with Antarctica was in 2008. Since then, she is looking for all the excuses to come back there. She did her PhD on the Mertz Glacier, focusing her work on the processes impacting the behaviour of this glacier, from the vibration of its ice tongue, to the development of fractures and iceberg calving. She is used to set autonomous GPS stations in Antarctica after four field works summer season in Adelie Land (from 2008 to 2011) and one in Enderby Land (2013).

Lydie is now working at the Australian National University, focusing her work on Antarctica mass balance estimates from GPS, altimetric and GRACE measurements. She will be responsible of the field work operations.

Bianca Kallenberg - PhD Student

Bianca is doing her PhD at the Australian National University, working on the challenge how to combine measurements from GRACE, altimetry and GPS to estimate Antarctic mass balance changes. She also works on developing a firn compaction model, to incorporate ice height changes that have been induced by the compaction of snow, rather than mass loss.

For Bianca it will be the first time, and although she hasn’t been to Antarctica before she brings a lot of expertise in hiking and mountaineering in extreme conditions.

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