Monday, December 16, 2013

Back Home

How disappointing and how frustrating it is to stand in front of the window waiting for a plane that will never come.

That's the end of the season for us. After a month waiting in Mawson for a good weather window, the first plane that came was to fly us back home. We then spent a week in Davis and finally flew to Casey and Hobart.

As people say. This is the 'A' factor. And we keep our fingers crossed that we will make it next year.

We now would like to thanks people that helped us during this trip and tried to make it happen. All the Mawson crew and specially to Cookie, who woke up very early every morning, John Burgess who worked hard on the logistic once on the field, Matty Donoghue and his *** runway, the Twin-Otter and Basler pilots, Bill de Bruyn Davis station leader, Tina Donaldson, Bill de Plant for their everyday weather forecasts and everyone who shared their smile and our frustration. You made this trip a fantastic one and hope to see you soon ! Thanks to all.

Departure of Mawson summer crew (photo: Justin Chamber)

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