Saturday, November 9, 2013


« VLV Mawson, VLV Mawson , this is VLV Bianca and Lydie on channel 7, over »

« Go ahead VLV Bianca and Lydie »

« VLV Mawson, we finally arrived at destination. 2 hours flight from Davis on a Basler, over.»

« Copy that VLV Bianca and Lydie. Can I get your SITREP ? over »

« Alpha : We are now in Mawson

   Bravo : Health of parties is good

   Charlie : No vehicule conditions. We are travelling on foot

   Delta : We should go to Richardson Lake early next week if the weather conditions are ok.

   Echo : The weather is nice and clear

   Foxtrot : No comments on track

   Golf : Survival training done, now able to travel. Over »

« Copy that VLV Bianca and Lydie. Have fun in Mawson. Standby on channel 7. Over »

 The Basler approaching Mawson

Mawson station

Survival training

Climbing Mount Henderson

 Mount Henderson Hut in the katabatic winds

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