Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sailing on

The boat left the 15th of October. And what was expecting us, was 7 days at sea…
Due to the bad weather conditions, the plan was to head South first, avoiding the depressions, and then West making our way to Davis. 4800 km in front of us.

The Aurora on the Derwent river

After 5 days at sea, we are now passing through the 50 degrees South and into the « front », the Circumpolar Current, isolating Antarctica from the rest of the word. The Ocean temperature is now dropping and the familiar faces of the Albatros gives way to the Storm Petrels. The 60ies are now close and new faces appear in the kitchen.

Going West also means going against the main winds of the Circumpolar Current – The Westerlies so well known by the sailors. The ship is then taking some delay.

It’s hard to explain a week at sea. So little is happening even so everyday brings new things.

As pictures are always better than long speeches…

Wandering Albatross


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