Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Far (far) away

Before being able to reach the (far far away) Enderby Land, we have to sail. And fly. And fly again.
With the planning of the Antarctic Division and the visit of the three Australian stations (Casey-Davis and Mawson), we had only two different choices to reach our far away Land. Leaving early in the season (October) or late. So finally, we are leaving with the Aurora Australis the 11th of October.

The first part of our trip will be to sail to Davis. At this time of the year, the sea ice is at its maximum coverage, and the ice breaker has to manage its way through.

Way from Hobart to Davis

Then once arrived in Davis, we have to fly. Fly to Mawson, and then to Enderby Land. No boat is accessing that area, and no "normal" plane is able to land there. So the Twin-Otters will be our taxi to reach the Tula Mountains and Richardson Lake. 

Davis to Mawson

Mawson to Richardson Lake

We don't have any plans once there. We will have to deal with the weather conditions and the Twin-Otters planning to reach our stations and install the GPS.

The rest of the voyage will be sightseeing: Fly from Mawson to Davis - then Davis to Casey and finally Casey to Hobart. Two months of travel in the "big white".

Way back: Mawson-Davis-Casey-Hobart

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